• The Active Farmhouse with Tractor and Trailer Set is a hub of activity for your little one.
  • Let your child experience the farm yard with realistic farm toys right in the comfort of your home.
  • This is a traditional activity toy for children that has been crafted to the highest quality
  • A delightful wooden toy ; an unique children's gift !!!
  • No assemble needed. 
  • Dolls House that will make a wonderful gift that will be treasured for years and can be handed down from generation to generation. 
RM99.90 RM41.65


  • A pretty wooden Farmhouse with handle
  • The house comes complete with all the furniture shown, therefore is no necessary for you to buy any extra accessories.
  • Comes in a bright red colour.
  • Furniture included: Farm Tractor, Trailer, Cow, Pig, Dog, Sheep, 4 Fences, 4 Birds, Boy, Girl & Ladder
  • This is two storey house 
  • This house opens completely two half and convenient handles on top of the house make it easy to move
  • No assemble needed. 
  • This is a Beautiful  House which can give a little one hours of imaginative fun.

  • Farmhouse Size : 34cm (Width) X 26cm (Height) X 17cm (Length)
  • All furniture's to scale with house
  • Weight : 2 kg (Approx) including furniture.
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