Heavy Duty Foldable 4 Step Steel Multipurpose Family Use Household Ladder Tangga

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Product Description :
Characteristic of this Ladder: EN131 Approve 
1)The high-quality rubber padded covering, feeling more comfortable and more durable. 
2) The high-quality steel pipes to enhance the load capacity and make our product more stable and safe.
3)The non-slip mats are made from high PVC material. (Strong, flexible, comfortable, non-toxic, easy wash)
4)The Peal steel plate is made of high-quality cold-rolled 
5) Armour plate, using one time to forge in shape, with a smooth surface and more intensity. 

Specification :
☑ Material: Steel Pipe(thickness: 1.0mm) 
☑ Open Size:130X86X47cm 
☑ Top Step Height:95cm 
☑ Step Rise: 25.5cm 
☑ Packing Details: 1 Ladder Shrink Wrap, 
☑ Net Weight:7.8kgs 
☑ Gross Weight:8.0kgs 
☑ Max Load:150kgs 
☑Ladder Feet: Anti-slip rubber feet 
☑ Ladder Surface: Anti-rust painting 
☑ Color: Red Black.
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