Realistic IKEA Style Design Large Pretend Play Wooden Kitchen Playset Toy Cooking Utensils

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Product Description :
Realistic Design - Kids will feel like they are cooking with adults when playing with this realistic style kid’s kitchen
👉Convenient Storage Space
👉Openable doors and cabinets
👉The knobs turn and click🔊
👉Removable sink easy to clean
👉Microwave with keypad
👉Made from the solid, sturdy and safe high-quality wooden materials
👉Big enough that multiple children can play at once
👉Ideal for gift
👉An original design that matches the interiors of houses
👉Step-by-step picture instructions included
Specification :
1. The kitchen makes babies learn to wash and cook.
2. It has a rich education significance to make the baby learn more dining manner.
3. Parents can teach their babies to save water and make consciousness of saving at an early age with this emulation faucet switch.
4. There is an interior storage cabinet for you to accommodate lots of toys.
5. Babies get the practical ability and no emetic habits by the Playing- house toys.
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