New High Quality Sainteve Swimming Goggles with UV protection for Men/Women - Black

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Product Description :
  • Unique leakage proof design that creates a perfect seal around your eyes. Ergonomic silicone gasket and nose frame perfectly fits any different facial forms and provides maximum comfort. High elastic and tensile band with a buckle makes this swim goggles stable also easy to put on and take off.
  • The anti-fog coating design makes sure these swimming goggles have exceptional Clarity and underwater vision. UV protection with mirror coating not only have stylish look but also prevent ultraviolet rays.
  • The glasses for swimming using high-quality Polycarbonate lenses wonderfully protect your eyes and its unique mirror design widens your visible range underwater.

Specification :
  • Ensuring a high-quality goggle with stable material for everyone.
  • Effectively protect your eyes from UV damage 
  • Show you a clear underwater world!
  • Silicone strap makes everything simple and comfortable.
  • Goggles are designed for adult and suitable for ages 12 and up. 
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