MAM Bite & Relax - Phase 1

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Pacifiying teether designed to help with the discomforts of teething

  • BPA- free teether
  • Pacifying teether designed to help with the discomforts of teething
  • Designed to effectively reach emerging front teeth
  • The specially structured surfaces work like acupressure to soothe teething pain
  • The extra lightweight material and pacifier like shape makes it easy for babies to hold
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1. 4 Structures
Instantly relieve from teething. Gently massage baby’s gums. 

2. Materials
Offer a variety of biting possibilities

3. 3-D Shape
Especially designed for front teeth. Trains baby's fine motor skills. Extra light-weight & easy to hold

Scientifically proven
MAM Med-Experts: Teamwork for maximum safety Research institutes such as ICMRS, paediatricians, developmental pedagogues and midwives are developmental pedagogues and midwives are involved in the development of our products from the beginning. Only after an OK from our Med-Experts is a MAM innovation ready for baby life.
The innovative solution for the phases of teething:
Early teething might cause real discomfort. Therefore, together with experienced dentists and paediatricians, MAM designers have developed the innovative Bite & Relax mini teethers.

They are especially adapted to the  teething phases of babies:

MAM Bite & Relax Phase 1 is shaped in a way that it easily reaches the emerging front teeth.

  • CATEGORY TIER 1: Baby Steriliser
  • COLOUR: Blue & Whilte
  • MODEL: Phase 1
  • SUITABLE AGE RANGE: 2 Months +
  • NET WEIGHT: 5.8
  • PRODUCT REVIEW NAME: MAM Bite & Relax - Phase 1


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