Turtle Baby Gym 3 in 1 Activity Play Floor Mat Ball Pit & Toys Babies Playmat

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Description & Features:

➦ The lay and play format create a sensory playground for small babies.

➦ Babies are surrounded by visually stimulating toys that encourage visual development.

➦ The hanging activities toys also encourage early fine and gross motors skills as babies begin to 
      reach, bat, grab, and kick at interesting toys.

➦ It also comes with 30 light-as-air balls ( colours of balls may vary from colours shown) and a large 
     play mat that's both comfortable and visually stimulating.

➦ As they grow and become mobile the pop-up mesh sides will surround them keeping them in a 
     safe zone.

➦ The sit and play format combine arch activity play with ball pit format.

➦ The ball pit format creates a fun zone for busy toddlers.

➦ This toy organizer is made of strong nylon material, no-hassle storage. 
     Both the mat and cord are strong and durable.

➦ Applicable to the crowd: infant (0-2 years old) and young children.
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