Dexe Hair Fibre

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Product Information:

• 100% Original Product.
• Brand new Natural and high-quality hair building fibers.
• A safe and natural hair replacement treatment.
• Dexe Hair Building Fibers last through rain, wind and even sports!
• Dexe Hair Building Fibers is used to improve any area of sparse hair.
• Contains amazing plant fibres mimic human hair.
• This quick and unique cosmetic fix helps enhance appearance.
• Dexe Hair Building Fibers are resistant to wind, rain, sweat or any other usual daily activities.
• This innovative product is suitable for both women and men.
• Dexe Hair Building Fibers is used to improve any area of sparse hair.
• It thickens hair to reach the look you want.
• With its easy use, you can have great looking hair instantly.
• Suitable: Anyone Except for Bold People.
• Efficiency: Convenience/Natural looking/Fast
• Usage Step:
• 1) Wash and dry your hair. It is better to use fixing spray before applications.
• Tilt the bottle at about 45 °, and gently shake or sprinkle onto the thinning area.
• You can adjust or decrease the number of fibers on the hair until It looks good.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Fiber Only (Black), Fiber + Spray (Black)

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