New 2 Piece Men Swimming Suit Swim Wear Dry Fit Short Pants Dark Blue - XL

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Product Description :
This swimwear consists of 2 pieces: - Short sleeve dress, a pair of short pants

  • Lightweight & made of Quick-Dry material with UV protection.
  • We use premium quality elastic spandex for that X-tra comfort.
  • Material: Made from  20% Spandex 80% Nylon  
  • Premium quality elastic spandex for that X-tra comfort
  • Comfortable. Smooth. Breathable
  • No colour fading
  • For long training in water
  • The pants are not attached to the suit to make it easy to put on and take off

The top quality Spandex fabric is water-repellent, Swimming pool water-resistant, as well as provides defence against ultraviolet sun rays. The benefit of utilizing a Polyester material is it has low water absorbency, dries fast and guarantees complete stretch in most directions resulting in total comfort although swimming or taking part in aqua-sporting activities. ~This short swimsuits fit  for Men can be used to diving, surfing, etc.,

Specification :
 Dark Blue

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